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The ADVANCE INVESTMENTS a.s. (Jsc.) was established in 2000 with a basic capital of EUR 637,323 ( SKK 19.2 mil. ). At the present, the ADVANCE INVESTMENTS a.s. (Jsc.) company is an investment holding operating in different areas of economy - bus transport, freight haulage, rental property, leasing, agriculture, counselling concerning EU projects, counselling in energetics, foreign trade / China. The ADVANCE INVESTMENTS a.s. (Jsc.) employs 600 persons in its subsidiaries and we manage assets amounting to EUR 57 mil. (SKK 1,65 billion ).

In 2008, the basic capital of the company was increased to EUR 3,057,323 (SKK 92.1 mil. ). At the present, we are preparing investment and acquisition projects exceeding the value of EUR 25 mil. (SKK 753 mil. ).