Support of art

The ADVANCE INVESTMENTS a.s. (Jsc.) company has supported the art projects of the painter Barbora Šlapetová and of the sculptor Lukáš Rittstein ( winner of the prestigious award of Jindřich Chalupecký ) for a long time. Recently we have been supporting the project of examination of the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea by the couple of Barbora Špaletová a Lukáš Rittstein, whose art context shall culminate in March 2009 by exhibition in the gallery of contemporary art DOX in Prague and by the issue of a book. The godfather of the project is the former Czech President Václav Havel.

In 2008, the ADVANCE INVESTMENTS a.s. (Jsc.) supported financially the Slovak music band NOISECUT and the issue of their 3rd album called BLIIIZKO. On 6th February, 2009, the results of the Radio Head Awards 2008 were announced and the NOISECUT band won in the survey of the listeners of Radio FM on the best Slovak album of the year 2008 - Radio Head Awards 2008.